Kristin Reiber Harris, Dogwood Stone Circle Mixed media on paper 42" x 53"

Kristin Reiber Harris is an artist, animator, educator and media producer. She has been a careful observer of the natural world since she was a child growing up on an old farm. She is currently animating science shorts and teaching iPad workshops for kids, adults and families. She specializes in educational media for children. Her work has been broadcast on HBO and HBO Latino and screened in film festival all over the country.



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Sandra Brennan

Sandra Brennan is a Digital Learning Developer for Fairfax County Public Schools. In this role she produces a range of products that include educational videos for classroom use, online digital platforms to support professional development, and media workshops for students and teachers.  Video segments and programs produced by Sandra have garnered multiple local Emmy nominations,Telly’s and Communicator Awards.


Sandy Cannon-Brown

Sandy Cannon-Brown, founder and president of VideoTakes, Inc., is an award-winning environmental filmmaker whose work has taken her to Central and South America, West Africa, the Northern Great Plains of Montana, and the Everglades. She was an associate director for the Center for Environmental Filmmaking at American University, honored as CEF’s first senior scholar in 2013 and named AU’s adjunct professor of the year in 2011.


Cheryl Lindeman, Ed.D.

Cheryl Lindeman is an assistant professor of Education at Randolph College. Her current research involves developing project/problem based learning experiences for children and exploring to what extent curiosity is linked to inquiry based learning.  As a founding faculty member at the Central Virginia Governor’s School for Science and Technology (CVGS), she was able to combine her love of inquiry based teaching, design new courses,  infuse science research into meaningful high school laboratory activities and create field study experiences.


Dr. John Styrsky, Ph.D.

Dr. Styrsky is chair of the Biology Department at Lynchburg College. He is a  broadly trained ecologist with interests that range from behavioral ecology to life-history ecology to community ecology. He has worked extensively with both birds and insects.

The most recent focus of his work has been on mutualisms.

Current work in this area asks questions about the ecological consequences of mutualisms between invasive ants and honeydew-producing hemipterans, and the novel exploitation of a mutualism between Pseudomyrmex ants and their host plant Acaciaby orb-weaving spiders.


Dan Sonnett

Sonnett Media Group

Dan is an award-­winning digital media producer.  For a number of years Dan was Senior Video Producer and Science Communications Consultant for the Smithsonian Institution, Museum of Natural History with the Education and Outreach and Exhibits Department producing a science television show, creating museum exhibit media, training staff and students on video production techniques and storytelling approaches, and promoting programs at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History

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