Animation Observe the natural world all around you and see how it moves.
Explore Pileated Woodpecker
What do you think this woodpecker is doing? Why? Have you ever seen a woodpecker? Where would you go to try to see one?
What If?
How would your body need to change to be able to safely hit your head against a tree? Would you like to live in a tree?
Make a flip-book of a woodpecker pecking on a tree. Draw a super hero with woodpecker powers. What would those powers be?
Grey Squirrel


Do you see squirrels in your yard/park? Do you think squirrel is happy? Would you be happy running like this? Can we know what animals think?

What If?

What if squirrels were three times as big as they are now? How would that change how they interact with their environment?



Make a flip book of a squirrel eating an acorn. Find 5 or 6 sheets of grey paper and make a collage of a squirrel in your favorite activity.



What do clouds tell us about the weather?

Do you like to look at clouds?

What are clouds made out of?

What If?

What kinds of things have you seen in the clouds?

Can you look at the sky and tell a story about what you are seeing?



What materials would you use to make art about clouds? Cotton? What else?

Get a piece of paper wet and then paint on it.

Is that a good way to represent clouds?



Do all crabs live near the ocean?

Have you ever seen a crab? Where?

What If?

Can you imagine what it's like to walk on 8 legs? Would you want to have more legs than you do?



Draw a picture of what the crab sees that makes her want to go into  her hole.

Draw a diagram of a crab labeling all of its body parts.

Oak Leaves
Maple Leaves

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