Explore science with art and storytelling

Why Anim8Nature? Why now?



Anim8Nature is a series of documentary animations and activities

that inform children about the facts of life-science in a creative way.

We want to help kids understand their world.


Our mission is to spark curiosity, guide children to explore

science with art and get kids outside.

Kids spend 50% less time outdoors than they did 20 years ago. There is significant evidence that unstructured play and time in nature are essential for healthy children and a healthy environment. Anim8Nature promotes environmental stewardship by exploring science with art while carefully observing the natural world.

Science Animation

There is a beautiful poetry in the cycles of life, a rhythm to these cycles that is reassuring and life affirming. The goal of each animation is to reveal patterns in nature and encourage careful observation of the natural world.


Students, teachers and families  work with iPads, PC's and traditional art tools to document and animate the natural world. A website gallery celebrates the kids work expanding their understanding of science with art.

Lesson Plans

We are developing lesson plans  for each animation designed  to explore science with art and writing while meeting important learning goals and science standards. We want kids to take advantage of the process artists and scientists share in creative problem solving.

What teachers are saying about Anim8Nature:


Science and art can inspire kids to deepen their understanding

of who we are and our place on Earth.


Anim8Nature is built on facts, research, storytelling,

technical expertise, and visual flair.


Documentary animations can serve as

curiosity bursts for young children.

Join our community and support our mission to

explore science with art and get kids outside.


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